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My Local Pitch – investing in a new grassroots sports enterprise

In spring 2015, Sir Rod Aldridge invested in a new grassroots sports enterprise, called MyLocalPitch; a search and booking portal for a wide variety of grassroots sports in London and Dublin. The purpose of MyLocalPitch, is to bring players and venues together through an intuitive platform that simply makes playing sport easier. It was launched in January 2015, by two London-based entrepreneurs, and came about as a result of difficulties booking pitches and courts.  

Jamie Foale, Managing Director, said: “It is our goal to make the experience of working with MyLocalPitch as easy as it is to use the site as a sports player. We have grown rapidly over the last few months and are increasingly being recognised as the Airbnb of sports.”

Sir Rod Aldridge OBE, shareholder and advisor, said: “Sport and improving local communities are two of my greatest passions, so I am delighted to be investing in a scheme that will connect keen sportsmen and women with great facilities in their areas. Grassroots sport has enormous potential for social good, so the more use we can make of community venues the better!”