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IPACA pupil an entrepreneur to watch

A five-year-old pupil at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Academy (IPACA) has attracted attention for her enterprising skills.

Rhiannon Chapman was given just £10 to get a business project off the ground as the IPACA took part in a national project, Young Enterprise’s Tenner Challenge, where students are pledged £10 and have a month to make a profit.

She used the money to buy lemons and other ingredients, brewed up a batch of homemade lemonade and set up a stall in Weymouth town centre, where she began to sell her drinks. She sold her entire stock within an hour-and-a-half.

Rhiannon then reinvested some of her profits into more ingredients and returned the following day to resume her sales.

In total she made around £200, of which she will keep around 40%, with the rest going to charity and the school.

Rhiannon’s mum Sharon said that her daughter had really enjoyed running her own business and that it had been a good learning experience for her.