Aldridge - Working For Growth

Aldridge Wealth

Supporting enterprise growth through investment

As a family of entrepreneurial, commercially minded individuals, Aldridge understands that wealth can be a force for good.

Wealth can transform lives, build communities and drive growth and prosperity.

With a focus on building wealth with a purpose, Aldridge Wealth has a strong investment portfolio that includes direct investment in growth enterprise, private equity, equities and fixed income products. Aldridge Wealth follows a patient capital investment philosophy, while focusing on the delivery of new and innovative programmes to incubate small business growth.

Initially led by Michael Aldridge, before he became CEO of Sunbird Business Services Limited, and now led by Matt Insley, Aldridge Wealth has a proven track record in investing in high-potential growth businesses.  The organisation specialises in enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth through human capital – expert advice and management support – and financial capital.

Aldridge Wealth pursues a blended model for private enterprise, but in all cases looks to encourage the business from board level.  Its Direct Enterprise programme involves direct operational involvement, favouring low capital investment, in niche or emerging markets.

Aldridge Investment Priorities
Aldridge - Bridge Lending

Short-term (6-18 months) lending secured against (mainly) property assets which are not principle private residences

Aldridge - Special Projects

This cryptically described asset bucket invests in large ticket sized assets where there is a binary outcome where the downside is protected by inherent existing asset value

Aldridge - Property Development

We have both internal capabilities to develop properties as well as backing third party developers to create value

Aldridge - Venture Capital

Taking advantage of the SEIS & EIS frameworks, we back innovative entrepreneurial early stage businesses


Aldridge - Private Equity

We seek growth businesses with significant potential where we can add our experience and expertise as well as capital